Opening reception 

July Friday 20th, 7-10pm

Free and open to the public



July 20 - August 11, 2018

Mirus Gallery presents a solo exhibition, "Decompositions" by Sickboy, featuring an immersive installation created onsite residency in our San Francisco gallery.  The exhibition opens Friday July 20, 7-10pm and runs through August 11, 2018. The exhibition is free and open to the public.

About the Exhibition:  Sickboy "Decompositions"

Sickboy will showcase a large body of work as well as an impressive insitu installation for his solo exhibition "Decompositions."  After a 4-year hiatus from exhibiting, Sickboy has taken this opportunity to reflect upon his past body of work, to restructure a new vision of his art. There are times when a break in habits allow introspection and the ability see things from a distance. In many ways this process of self-critique inspired the artist to analyze what may be considered his signature style and output thus far as an artist.  “Decompositions” is a conversation between the artist and himself, taking apart his style and re-envisioning it in a new manner and approach. We are excited to share with you this new path the artist has laid out for himself as he progresses forward.

“A lot can be said with an ever-expanding suitcase of signs and symbols and an increasing focus on detail, but after a year of hibernating inside my own mind I began to break through my own self-imposed traditions within my work, what became apparent to me was I already had my armor and weaponry when it came to visual language. I felt the need to break it down and start to reform a new theory within my work, snapshots of situations within my animated landscapes felt more intimate, alongside this visual re-appropriation of my signature style i have purely been focused on the act of painting the techniques I can use, develop and call my own, alongside this the use of modern technology fused with tradition painting techniques is bringing my real life reference material into my paintings using 360 degree technology and site specific installations accompany my work to inform you of a complete up to date pictorial vision.

With my first US solo show since 2014 ‘Decompositions’ i have taken my abstract surreal world, broken it up and rebuilt a bolder brighter future for a land i cannot leave”

About the Artist:

Sickboy is a leading artist to emerge from Bristol's infamous graffiti scene. His humorous works have cemented his place in the upper echelons of the British street art movement.

He is one of the first UK artists to use a logo in place of a tag, and his red and yellow street logo known as 'The Temple' and his Save the Youth slogan can be seen on walls and wheelie bins worldwide.

Sickboy has built up one of the largest bodies of street art works in UK history, which has led to him being tipped by the leading financial press as one of the movement's most bankable artists. His major London solo show in 2008 and audacious stunts - including the caged heart installation dropped outside the Tate Modern last year - have landed him global recognition.

Sickboy's work has featured in countless worldwide Graffiti books and documentary films including Banksy’s oscar-nominated exit through the gift shop, and in global and national TV, newspapers and magazines including BBC London news, the Financial Times, The Independent, I-D and many more.