Mirus Gallery is a dynamic exhibition space established by curator and art dealer, Paul Hemming. The gallery features a program of contemporary artwork by emerging and mid-career artists in both solo and thematically organized group shows. Mirus Gallery highlights work that emphasizes skill and process and aims to engage viewers on a sentient, emotional and evocative level.

In 2013 our artist-in-residence program was enacted, extending the gallery’s values of community and collaboration by providing a live-in/on-site studio space for artists to make and exhibit work in a supportive environment, conducive to creativity.

Mirus Gallery will be closed to the public during remodel construction beginning late January and will relaunch along with a new website in March 2015. Select works will be on view during the gallery closure on the 1st and 2nd floors of 540 Howard Street. If you are interested in viewing a specific artwork from our inventory in-person, please email the address below to schedule an appointment.

540 Howard Street, Third Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 543-3440

Visiting Hours:
Tuesday-Friday | 11AM-6PM
Saturday by appointment

Email: info@mirusgallery.com