James Roper

"My work explores a variety of subjects, from the heightened realities depicted in modern media to the perceptual effects of semi-abstraction, as well as the visual language of religious and spiritual iconography and narrative structures in my drawing and filmmaking.

Through the process of collaging figurative elements into semi-abstract compositions, within my drawing and paintings, I hope to direct the viewer into a visual state of limbo, where the brain attempts to pull the image together, to make sense of the recognisable parts, but instead is left with a shifting surface that fails to fully intergrate.

My new Kiazmus and Tesslar series have multiple reference points including New Age psychedelia, Tribal art, stained glass windows, the excesses of the Baroque and Haute Couture fashion, Japanese animation, video games and comic books. Built from collaging elements from an extensive library of images sourced from the Internet the compositions describe semi-abstract totemic deities and tribalistic motifs, modernised Jungian archytypes formed from the digital collective unconscious.

I use the collaging process to isolate out forms that I feel register a visual ‘peak shift,’ the phenomena of neurological attraction that appears in both humans and animals to an extreme characterisation or reduction of an object to it’s most vital components. By collaging them together into the work, along with a vibrant use of color, my intention is to intensify these visual triggers even further."

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James Roper

Born Knutsford, England, 1982
2002-2005 BA (Hons) Fine Art (painting), Manchester Metropolitan University
The artist lives and works in Manchester, England