Pepa Prieto

My personal history is tied to movement.
Change accompanied me starting at a very early age.

I was born in “El Albaicín”, the old city of Granada in southern Spain. A city flanked by the Sierra Nevada mountain to the north and the Mediterranean sea
to the south. Rich in art, culture and history, the highest point of the city is the Alhambra palace.

At nine years old I was sent to England to attend boarding school. The task of learning a new language, the contrast of places, and living
far away from my family lead me to develop a visual diary. This diary became the place where I could freely explore
memory, imagination, identity, surroundings, and emotions. It was a place to empty out, freeze time, explore, experiment, and tell.

I think of my current work as a page or a scribble from this diary.
In making a painting, I continue to narrate and investigate as I would in a diary. Each painting is a frozen moment, a detailed snapshot of my inner dialogue.
As a narrative form and in terms of process, one painting often leads me to the next. From this, I can loosely derive a series and yet each painting stands as individual.
The paintings are small fragments of my universes, virtual landscapes, jungles of vegetation, ritual objects, totemic constructions, human rituals,
patterns and colors from memory- things seen from the inside out.