Opening Reception 
Friday, October 13

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D Young V

After Our World Ended

October 13 - November 11

Mirus Gallery is pleased to present After Our World Ended, a solo exhibition by San Francisco based artist DYoungV.  The gallery will be transformed into a futuristic dystopian installation inspired by an imagined future historian studying the culture and history of their world by interpreting the relics of our world today.  The exhibition opens Friday, October 13th, 7-10pm and runs through November 11, 2017.

About the Exhibition:

After Our World Ended is the latest installment of DYoungV's ongoing series portraying his post apocalyptic narrative.  This installment will include a series of installations incorporporating different elements of this world ranging from spirituality, history, tribalism, cultural identity to idolatry.  Every section of wall, ceiling and floor space will be utilized to put the viewer directly into the atmosphere of this future vision through layers of individual works ranging from pen drawings, wood cut-outs, sculptures, mixed media and paintings. Additionally this installation will include a street art component displaying physical works originally designed for illegal walls to be seen around the globe. The intent of this exhibition is to both further explain the narrative of his work and display all elements of his media that include fine art, installation, street art and mural painting. After Our World Ended  is the 11th installment of the series that began with his first solo exhibition, Live Forever, at Babylon Falling in 2009.

About the Artist:

DYoungV has been a resident of San Francisco for the past 14 years. After receiving his MFA in Fine Art from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2006, he has actively pursued his artistic vision throughout several gallery and street projects all over the globe. The bulk of his work narrates a post apocalyptic culture that is building the groundwork for creating a new society. His images display a sense of hope, belief, community and the duality of human nature. Each and every gallery project contains a unique chapter and perspective of this new world, allowing the viewer an expanded knowledge of his vision with every additional installment. Outside of his gallery installations, Young's vision is expanded onto indoor/outdoor murals throughout the United States as well as several street projects in North and Central America, Asia, Europe and the UK. The media of his work ranges from pen/ink, painting, printmaking, collage, sculpture and mixed media. As his projects advance, the media and aesthetic alters itself to fit the style and narration of each particular segment. The upcoming installment entitled After Our World Ended at Mirus Gallery will provide a more defined narrative and easily interpreted explanation of this world, dividing it into several smaller installations that will focus on history, tribalism, spirituality and idolatry.