Opening reception is Friday, March 16, 7-10pm
18+ Only due to Adult Content

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The Most Famous Artist


March 16 - April 7, 2018

Mirus Gallery presents DESIRABLE GOODS, a solo exhibition by The Most Famous Artist aka Matty Mo, opening March 16, 7-10pm. Matty Mo is a Los
Angeles based contemporary artist and marketing entrepreneur best known for creating "The Most Famous Artist." Through this platform, Matty Mo makes social media themed installations, public stunts and exhibitions to challenge viewers to examine how technology and the Internet impact society.

The Most Famous artist will make his San Francisco debut with Mirus Gallery San Francisco. His solo exhibition “Desirable Goods” will feature 3 new series of works from the artist. The artist made the following statement about one of the new series, Static Paintings, “They mean nothing and everything. They were monotonous but meditative to produce. It gave me time to think about my own life. They are calm and chaotic at the same time. They offend the eye but draw the viewer. They are static but at the same time force the viewer to acknowledge the internal desire involved in the space between the change of life’s metaphoric channel. They are black and white but they make me recall color’s role in art and life. They are me celebrating simplicity and beauty. They are me in my current state. Somewhere in the liminal space between then and now.” The Most famous artist will transform the space with paintings and installation, and if you have followed the artist for long you can expect some surprises ahead. “Desirable Goods” will run until April 7th, 2018.

About the Artist:

We live in weird times. At some point (and it’s not really clear how and when it happened) the definition of what art is quietly disappeared. So quietly that no one even noticed. Well, admittedly, some people did notice something and Matty Mo was one of them. Thanks to an awkward set of circumstances, Matty Mo, aka The Most Famous Artist, grabbed a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Once successful entrepreneur who ruined his own business by chance (got filmed naked, drunk and what-
managed to rise from the ashes as an even more successful artist.

Appropriation 2.0

What Matty Mo does had happened before in the world of art and it happened many times. It is called appropriation. That’s more of a polished way to name stealing, changing and subverting the meaning of the existing artwork. But let’s not enter the debate on appropriation – what’s important here is that Mo’s way to enrich (or precisely speaking violate) those paintings found at flea market includes mainly adding some funny or random elements, such as human figures, symbols or text, so that he can achieve a meme-look. Memes are some of the most trendy things around – just remember Grumpy Cat and similar characters. Anyways, whatever Mo is doing to these shabby or tacky paintings found at flea markets, it works. The same goes for his street art, which is colorful and flashy. That’s the reason why younger generations, raised on Facebook and Instagram, are going nuts after Mo’s work. His uber popular

mural in Venice Beach is called the most instagrammable wall, for a good reason. Mo has recently signed the lease on a massive studio space in LA in the arts district and he wants to make it Warhol Factory for the 21st century – an almighty mix of art labs and galleries, production center and coworking space.

Think Like an Entrepreneur

Sometimes, you’re better off knowing how to sell your art than spending a lot of time brainstorming various ideas and trying to create something special. Matty Mo’s art is not special in any artistic way – it’s all been done before. However, he has a huge advantage over many people in the realm of arts, because he knows the power of social media and how to reach his target audience in the most effective possible ways. We don’t know for how long is Mo going to stay the Most Famous Artist and if he plans on visiting flea markets every Sunday morning in the next ten years or so, but it doesn’t even matter. He’s already been to hell and back and he knows how to play the game.

Matty Mo lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

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